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Who is Quirk?

Cyndi and Mike McAleer are empty nesters from Pittsburgh, PA who were looking for something to do together.  We both liked watching HGTV, Flea Market Flip in particular. One day we realized that, like the people on Flea Market Flip, we like to take flea market finds and give them new life. One day we headed out to a large flea market and came back with our first couple of projects. Next were estate sales, thrift stores and garage sales and then we were overloaded with projects! We repurposed a few of them, did a craft show and sold our first piece. There's no stopping us now!

All About Quirk

What Is Quirk?

We love to take old finds and turn them into something new, different and usable. We would rather do that than see another  piece of classic furniture wind up in a landfill. We search flea markets, estate sales, garage sales, auctions, antique shops and any place these old finds would be. (And yes, we are not beyond stopping at the side of the road and picking something up from a trash pile!)  We then bring these finds home, take a good look at them and see what they would like to become. We fix anything that might be broken; strip, sand, paint and/or stain it and give it a new life.

We are also glad to take a piece of furniture or something that you treasure, and work with you to get that old, loved item out of the basement or garage and into your home.  Imagine Grandma's old icebox becoming a lovely new bar or a rocking chair being revitalized with pops of color. These pieces will have gone from dust-covered to usable conversation pieces.

Please note that we do not do restoration work. All of our items have a bit of quirk about them and are not restorations of the original.